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Wise and intuitive Michael's work has helped me with pain and internal scarring from my Crohn's disease. I arrive not feeling great, and within the first five minutes of working with Michael, my systems all feel back in order, and then we're able to make progress from there. I have somewhat challenging symptoms and history, yet Michael is not only willing to continue working with me, but he's actively engaged, asking questions and considering doctor's reports to aid in my healing. I highly recommend him.
Where have you been all my life I've been managing chronic pain from a number of auto accidents over the past 30 years. I learned about Michael from a PT that I was working with. She suggested I see him because the issues in my back and neck were complex and unusual. After one visit with Michael, he was able to release muscle tension and stop an issue I was having in my foot as a result of problems with my back. SInce that visit I've seen him a number of times, and each time it's a wonderful experience. I have a lot more energy now because the pain level has gone down. I had no idea how much energy I was using just to function each day. I am looking forward to seeing how much more can be done. He is an amazing body worker and I feel very lucky to be able to work with him.
Shane M
Medicine & Magic When I walked into Michael's office my skeletal system felt like it was in a tornado. Twists in my spine, one hip higher and in front of the other, I pivoted on one foot when I walked, I was a mess. I had been seeing a traditional chiropractor three times a week for about four months, at the time of my first appointment with Michael, which had helped a little for short periods of time. After my first appointment with Michael (part way through actually) I realized that something different was happening to my body. Within a few minutes I didn't pivot while walking (still don't three months later), within a few more minutes my hips were even, by the end of the one hour session I was literally about two inches taller and left learning how to move in this new, healthy way. I've seen Michael three times in as many months and this treatments work, work well, and last. I will continue to see Michael on an as needed basis (which I suspect will be something like four times a year). I don't understand what it is he does or how or why it works, and my experience is that it DOES in fact work and work better than anything else I've ever tried. Very glad to have crossed paths with Michael Hahn.
Leah F
Profound, deeply intelligent healer Michael is amazing, almost magical, in his depth and breadth of knowledge, and especially in the subtle way he listens to and understands the body as a whole. He tells me what he is discovering as we work, and gently but powerfully helps create openness and movement - my two month headache was gone after one session, and huge amounts of movement restored in my back and neck after two - I literally cannot recommend him enough.
Fawn C
Gifted practitioner Michael has provided game-changing body work for our mutual patients as well as for myself and family members. He has a gentle and direct way of honing in on areas to address that can free restrictions across body regions and body systems. His work is often a key to unlock that tricky element holding your healing back. I highly recommend him!
Megan C
The Best Michael Hahn is an amazing bodyworker. He has a wonderful blend of powerful intuition coupled with a phenomenal skill set and understanding of how the body works. He really is the best bodyworker I have ever worked with.
Colleen B
Ahhh, what a relief it is! I was referred to Michael to help me with tightness in my cervical and upper thoracic areas. His quiet, skillful manipulation of my spine has relieved that tension and discomfort and afforded me more rotation and energy. He is so knowledgeable about the human body and how it all works. Michael is truly a gifted practitioner!
Profound healing from new born to mamas We have brought both our new borns and ourselves to michael hahn. His work is profound and deep. Most notably, my son, Felix was in a post partum state of extreme discomfort and imbalance. His head only turned in one direction and we were having troubles with nursing. After one visit the nursing became easier. After two, Felix was visibly more comfortable his body.
Monica M
Help for the whole family Our family was first introduced to Michael and his work when our daughter was a few months old. She was having trouble turning her head to one side and her doctor was having us “just watch it”. After a few sessions with Michael, she was able to fully turn her head. Since that time, Michael has worked on all family members and continues to help us feel our best. His work is unique in that is it gentle and works on all aspects of the body’s anatomy – not just superficial muscles. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their overall wellbeing and ability to their body as intended through life whether due to injury, illness, or just wear and tear.
Shannon M
Life-changing! Michael's work has been completely revolutionary for me- I've gone to chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors and specialists for my low back issues since I was 15, but only Michael was able to help me figure out some of the root causes that were related to diet and other life factors. He has been wonderful about understanding my health as a whole and treating not only the presenting pain but the conditions around it that I tend to ignore but are crucial to healthier living. I would recommend Michael to anyone!
Gretchen K
A new lifelong client! I have been seeing Michael to help heal from a car accident that I have not been able to recover from. His work is amazing, and really, the only way I can describe it to others is to call him a healer! My body feels so much better and I am finally feeling like I will recover from my car accident! He is filled with knowledge about the body and way it should be moving. I will continue to see Michael even after I fully recover from the car accident to help me live a healthy active life. I can't recommend him enough!
Katy L
Highly recommended Michael's work with infants is amazing, He is a master of his craft. He has a gentle and intuitive approach that is well balanced with his expertise in craniosacral therapy. Michael does a great job at educating parents on how he works and how to continue to support the work between sessions. Sessions are thoughtfully planned out leaving room for feeding and changing baby as needed. We always leave a session feeling confident because our daughters have received body work that makes instant improvements while we worked toward our ultimate goals of unwinding asymmetrical patterns in the body and tension that holds back optimal latch for nursing.
If you are reading this, you should make an appointment! In short, Michael is amazing and talented. My story is typical: I have suffered from chronic pain and illness my entire life only to be told I am a hypochondriac or given pills that don't work. I began seeing Michael for a herniated disc in my neck after my physical therapist felt I needed help in addition to her treatment and offered his name. From my first session, Michael gave me relief and hope for true healing -- not only for my neck, but my entire body! He is not magic and he doesn't replace your favorite physician, rather Michael guides your body into the alignment it needs to heal (and function correctly). The actual treatment is gentle and soothing and I can feel my body continue to settle, restore and improve even weeks after each visit. Whether you are at the end of your options or just luckily found your way here, I highly recommend seeing Michael at least once because you are likely to find the same great healing as all his other patients!
Intuitive and Effective healer I went to see Michael to see if he could relieve my pain. I was suffering from a severe nerve injury that had been troubling me for weeks and had made little progress. After each of my gentle appointments with Michael I found myself in less pain and with more mobility. I started driving my car again the day after my first visit. He seems extremely intuitive about the body and is able to achieve a great deal with very gentle manipulation. Each of my visits we focused on different painful areas and the treatments varied in their intensity and approach so each time was effective in a different way. I will be continuing my treatment with him in future months though I already feel much better after three visits.
Jessica T
Amazing with infants! Our 10-week girl was experiencing a lot of issues with nursing/latching and extreme fussiness. Michael really helped to calm her down - the "homework" he gave was so helpful and we saw results almost immediately. He is amazing with infants and extremely knowledgeable about their bodies and nervous system. Highly recommend!
Jessie F
Newborn Michael Hahn was recommended to me by a trusted friend when my daughter and I were having latch/suck issues. We scheduled an appointment as a final attempt to stop bottle supplementing. Michael is very gentle and my baby was very relaxed during her appointments. We were able to slowly shift back to exclusive breastfeeding after our first appointment. Things improved even further after her second and final appointment. Well worth the money. Amazing response to a very gentle manual therapy!! I truly think we would be bottle feeding without Michael.
Courtni B
Michael Michael provides relief and healing in a respectful, nonviolent, knowledgeable manner. In addition, "There is a bit of magic about Michael ", as was said by friends of mine who see Michael as well.
Ben G
Helped my jaw to relax During a visit to the dentist my jaw clenched and wouldn't let go. It was painful and it caused eating to be painful as well. Michael was able to gently relax the muscles and get my jaw back in line.
Lori W
Michael Hahn - the Undo button for chronic tension I've seen a lot of body workers. Many of them for a repetitive arm/shoulder/neck injury that began 15 years ago and was aggravated by sinus surgery this year. I've gotten symptom relief from working with others, but I thought I'd have to live with some shoulder/neck discomfort forever. Working with Michael, my shoulder feels at home for the first time in decades and my neck feels as relaxed as it ever has. What I've really appreciated is that his work seems to hold. Every time I see him we're working on a different layer, because the tension hasn't come back. And when some releases didn't hold, he referred me to someone else who helped get me back on track. I see a future where I need a lot less treatment and feel more at home than I thought possible.
Kate M
Renewed Body Space I have seen Michael for a year now for general issues. However the last visit I had was for a SI joint issue. During our session I was able to feel the energy and body rhythm return to my affected joint. I left walking normal, as opposed to the hitch in my step that I came in with. I certainly appreciate the renewed space in my body and the flow of energy. Thank You.
Paula M
Very Intuitive Michael is a very intuitive healthcare provider. And he is honest. He told me at my first appointment, he could help me. And I believe him. I had an injury during a surgery and was referred by a Physical Therapist who told me that Michael "would right my ship". When he told me he could help me, he said it with such sincerity that I believed him...he is very sincere and truthful. It took 3 treatments before I felt a difference in my Occipital Headaches. Michael asked for some of my prior MRI's and after reviewing them, he told me it would take more than 1 approach. Yes, he was right. But his approach is so calming and gentle and you do feel a difference. I would highly recommend him. He is not someone who is going to schedule appointments just to schedule them. He cares about you and is sensitive to the fact of his helping you. I appreciate this especially after seeing several people from the Healthcare Field who didn't help. I am an RN....retired due to my injury...and I highly recommend Michael as an integral part of your healing process. Thank You Michael! I am on the road to getting better. Paula
Renee M
You're in Good Hands! Literally in good hands. Michael has the ability to recognize and then treat the source of your problem. If he can't, he will waste no time in recommending someone who can. Over the years, most of my family and many of my friends have sought out Michael's help for a variety of reasons. Without fail, every person I've recommended Michael to has said how amazing their experience was. He treated my mother on a monthly basis and I credit him with single-handedly keeping her mobile till her death at 96. Don't hesitate to make an appointment. It truly doesn't get any better than this!
Anna H
Mandatory work for my sensitive body I've been working with Michael now for a year or so, and have found no one better. I have a highly sensitive body and the symptoms that go along with it - allergies, asthma, IBS and back pain - and have found that working with Michael is the magic wand that keeps me healthy. Each session is like the maintenance that my body requires to stay healthy and pain free. I've had so many breakthroughs with Michael's work that it's hard to choose one to talk about here, but the most dramatic was having an otherwise undiagnosed hip pain, just below my sits bone. I worked with a chiropractor, sports chiropractor and a massage therapist before I went to see Michael. After one session, my pain disappeared and did not return. If you are new to this type of work, don't be scared away by it's gentleness - give your body a few days to adjust to the changes and you'll feel the difference.
Lisa H
Exceptional human and bodyworker I had my first appointment with Michael last week and was thoroughly impressed by his grounded, clear presence, his articulate expression and his concise, intelligent work. The changes in my body were measurable and remarkable, including significantly improved range of motion in my neck and back. I’ve been singing his praises since that appointment and will continue to do so. Thank you for your dedication to your healing practice, Michael!
Trina B.
I can enthusiastically recommend his services. Since a disabling car accident over 15 years ago, I have been referred to countless specialists, tests, procedures and treatments. Not one has produced so much tangible improvement in my pain level and function as Michael Hahn. He is professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and patient focused. In my first appointment, he diagnosed structural issues that others had missed, and referred me to the appropriate therapy.  In all of the years since my neck injury, not one practitioner has helped me as much to improve my daily struggle with chronic pain. As someone whose daily quality of life has improved as a direct result of therapy with Michael Hahn, I can enthusiastically recommend his services.

Trina B.
adria g
Michael Hahn saved me 3 years ago I was walking with a cane and could barely move my neck, I had weeks were I couldn't get out of bed because of back issues, I was taking 6 ibuprofen a day I was 32 & depressed thinking I'd have to live with the pain. My neighbor suggested I visit Michael, I'd tried everything else so why not. After the first visit my 5 year neck ache was gone, three years later no more back pain, 4 visits a year and I feel like a new person, I'm happy, pain free and I owe it all to a suggestion and Michael's abilities. He's helped my family & my friends. He's a wealth of resources and a kind & caring healer.
Colin B
Incredible Healing and Relief I was incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Michael Hahn's healing practice through a friend when I herniated a disc in my back 10 years ago. I was told I might need surgery by a spinal specialist, but did not want to go that route. Michael listened to me, and my body, assessed my injury, and was able to provide immediate relief and long-term recovery. I felt better, stronger (and taller) than I had before the injury. I have continued to see Michael through the years, for the occasional tune up, and when my body just felt “off”. When I had an accident this spring, in which I sprained my back, I again sought out Michael. The process is very gentle, but the work is very deep. It feels as if the inner structures of my body are able to release, reprogram, and begin the healing process. I left every session more grounded, in less pain, and with a better understanding of my body. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. He is a true Healer.
Jeffrey Burch, Rolfer & Instructor
Michael Hahn's openness to experience, inquiring mind, intellectual honesty, manual sensitivity, and genuine caring place him in the top few percent of visceral and cranial therapists. I have had the pleasure of watching his steady growth as a practitioner since 2001 when he began studying advanced bodywork methods with me. From the outset Michael was an exceptional student absorbing the course material quickly, and assiduously practicing them between classes. He has continued beyond the class offerings in extended individual mentorship. Michael has assisted me in teaching several courses where he is invaluable. In addition to studying with me Michael has studied with other high level practitioners broadening the range of his skills. I highly recommend Michael Hahn both as a practitioner and as a teacher.
Kara-Lee R
Brilliant and compassionate healer For the past ten years whenever I have needed healing or a tune up, Michael has been my trusted go to. I am so grateful that he is sharing his gifts in this way. We are so fortunate to have him in our community!
Susan W
Great results in one session I am very happy with the results of my two visits to Michael. After one visit he was able to “unlock” my neck which was constricted from moving side to side, due to an accident, causing great discomfort and chronic shoulder tension. His gentle manipulation techniques resolved what months of chiropractic and massage were unable to And, most importantly, the results are lasting. I highly recommend his services.
Michael is tuned into the subtlest of subtleties. Performing surprisingly gentle yet profoundly deep work, Michael is tuned into the subtlest of subtleties. I am in awe and have complete trust in his approach to working with me.  I often wonder, “What is he even seeing/feeling?” and am given detailed and understandable explanations of what he is noticing and how he is approaching the matters. He goes beyond tending to the parts of me that are speaking the loudest, and tends to unexpectedly connected areas. I am left feeling relief in not only my trouble-spots, but also in areas I wasn’t aware were bothersome.  Immediately after appointments I notice a shift in my energy, yielding more mental clarity and less aggravation. With the hope of restoring my body’s self-healing power, working with Michael makes me fascinated and even excited by my conditions. My ailments become subjects for self-discovery and wonder. Michael has given me multiple suggestions for home-practices that can lead me toward better range of motion and comfort. This is so empowering, to know new ways of helping myself. Beyond treating my own vessel, the knowledge he bestows upon me enlivens my curiosity for the human form, live energy, and the unforeseen powers of healing.
Eric R
Connecting the dots If you're wired like me, you likely conclude a typical healthcare/medical visit with more questions than answers. This happens with me because I'm not satisfied with medicine being the end solution. I not only need to understand the source of the problem but the holistic relationships and implications surrounding all of the human body systems. I need to fully understand the art and science of any particular diagnosis. And to me, it's very much a holistic discussion. Michael has taken a most unique approach and he has become my go to source for understanding specific diagnosis I get from my other doctors. With Michael, I always feel the physical results but more importantly am given in depth intelligence that give me the tools to proactively manage my wellbeing on my own. Michael blends many disciplines and uses various tools to help visualize what's really happening. It's important to me to have a healthcare resource like Michael and I plan on referring friends and family in the future.
Duane T
Amazing! Michael is very knowledgeable and has helped me manage symptoms of my HSP.
Sally W
Whiplash As a first time Whiplash recipient I had no idea what I was in for…Michael has made all the difference. I would hate to have had to go through this without his help. Thank you to the kind woman who knew to email me his name. Whiplash is just plain weird. It does not behave as other injuries have. I have taken a long time to recover…something that mystifies me…but reality is reality. Michael has given me relief every time. I’ve gone into an appointment tighter-than-a-board with a huge headache and walked out smiling and relieved. He always starts with an update on what you are feeling and where…he watches your movements. You don’t get a nice Swedish massage out of it; this is much more targeted and therapeutic. He has earned his amazing reputation and large following. I always like to promote what and who I believe in…but I found my friends already knew of him!
Christy M
Infant bodywork Michael has done a terrific job with my infant daughter. After birth we noticed that she was very stiff on the left side and did not like turning her head to the left. She also kept her left leg drawn up and would hold her right leg out straight. Michael was recommended to me by my lactation consultant as I was struggling with breastfeeding. I'm so glad that I've taken her to see him. He's very gentle with her and really cares about his patients. I could see a difference in my daughter after just one session. She is now so much more willing to turn her head to the left and her legs have evened out. Michael has also worked on stiffness in her jaw which has helped her to eat more efficiently. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone. In fact, I am now seeing him myself.
Susanna R
You Will Be Glad You Found Michael! I am a professional bodywork therapist with over 30 years of training and practice. I am Very Picky about who I let work on me. Michael has great hands with an educated touch that works deeply and specifically. I needed help after whiplash and a seriouse concussion and found it! We are fortunate to have a practitioner of this caliber available to us in Seattle!
Amazing Michael has helped me a lot with some chronic pain that I've had for over 20 years. He has helped areas of my body that have felt stuck for a long time, feel more loose and relaxed. So grateful he was referred to me!
Christina B
Great visit. Great results. I went to visit Michael Hahn at the recommendation of my lactation consultant because my newborn was having trouble with breastfeeding on one side, but was doing great on the other. He couldn't turn his head well, and was very tight in the jaw, neck, shoulders and even down his spine (as we found out during the appointment). My mother and I went to see Mr. Hahn together and we were both so impressed by the reaction my son had to Mr. Hahn's very gentle treatment. He examined and massaged my newborn with very soft but extremely effective touch. My newborn responded immediately with a huge grin. After one hour of gentle work, with pauses to make sure he was not over stimulated, my baby was visibly more relaxed and was able to finally turn his head both ways and open his jaw much wider. Mr. Hahn showed me some things to continue to work on at home, and in only a day or two breastfeeding was equally as successful on both sides. I can highly recommend Mr. Hahn to anyone who needs some Craniosacral Therapy for their little one. He was fantastic!
Garth M
Michael is Amazing I've been driving from Bellingham to visit Michael Hahn approximately once per month for quite some time. I have been treated by many practitioners of many different skills, but there is no one I have come across who can do anything close to what Michael can do. He seems to be able to find and fix the most incredible and unusual things. He has loosened adhesions of the muscles around my lungs, opened and fixed blood vessels in my brain, rearranged my relationship with my legs, and many other very weird and cool things. Stuff I didn't even think was possible! My abused and aging old body is working very much better with Michael's help. If you have a problem that nobody else has been able to figure out, I STRONGLY suggest you give Michael a call. He has some very special abilities!
Pete R
Fountain of Youth I can't explain what it is he does- but Michaels healing techniques are effective. I have had chronic pains for years walking into his office. I walked out feeling 10 years younger on my first visit. Amazing results!
Lorine B
Health on many levels Michael's knowledge of how the body connects and balances itself is very impressive. When I fell and broke my left elbow I was crippled by it. Michael helped me feel and see how this injury affected my posture, walk, overall health, and clarity of mind. I am so glad to have been able to work with him on my health and well-being. He showed me the way to heal on so many different levels. Thank you Michael.
Sarah K
Thank you Michael Hahn! Michael has been able to unlock physical patterns and free me from aches, pains and discomfort I've had for as long as I can remember. I have tried many medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc. over the years. Michael is the only one who has made a real difference in how I feel, and the difference has been huge. Rather than treating just the injured part, he looks at the whole person and the interconnectedness between all the different parts of the body. He has given me an ease of movement and a physical comfort that has been missing my entire life. I've also gained a new awareness of the body's incredible power to change and adapt for the better. I am a little hesitant to post this review because then I'll have to wait even longer for an appointment...but people need to know! Experiencing these physical changes has been a true joy. Thank you Michael!
Julia M
Michael is an amazing healer! My son is just over 2 months old and was having difficulty nursing efficiently. He was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie. In addition, he would turn his head fully in only one direction and also would not open his mouth wide. A fenotomy was performed to release his tongue tie and 2 days later we had our first session with Michael. Before our very eyes, Michael's hands worked miracles with our baby. He now had a straighter spine, his head would turn from side to side, and color like we had never seen came into his sweet cheeks. Because of Michael Hahn's work, my son is stronger, happier, and healthier. Michael is an amazing healer. Thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart!
Lauri W
Relief You Can Feel Immediately I have been involved in about 8 motor vehicle collisions in my lifetime. While I have always taken care to treat these as they occur, I have had some lingering, intermittent problems with range of motion and episodes of pain in my neck. After one session with Michael, I could immediately tell an increase in my range of motion. Each time I have sought treatment from him, there is a noticeable improvement in whatever area he works on. I highly recommend him for focused, gentle, and powerful changes, even for chronic issues. He is insightful and knowledgeable, and an overall a remarkable practitioner.
A Treasure I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Michael. The body work he has done for my wife and I has been profoundly helpful.
Beth A
Michael is a highly skilled practitioner! I was referred to Michael for treatment of whiplash after a car accident. I had suffered for months with tingling and painful arms, and a restricted range of motion in my neck. Michael cleared the range of motion issue within the first session. I continue to visit Michael for ongoing maintenance, and I never hesitate to refer others to him. His work is subtle, intuitive, and effective!
Denice C
treatments My massage therapist first recommended Michael after I had been in a serious bike accident. After just a few sessions with Michael I had full range of motion in my shoulder again and I no longer had pain and stiffness in my neck. The headaches also were gone. The treatments are gentle, specific to the symptoms and I always feel an increase energy flow to the affected area after I have a treatment with Michael.
Skilled work. Michael's talents and work exist at the forefront of current healing modalities. His combination of extensive anatomical knowledge, intuitive insight and ability to balance the tissues and energyies of the body represent a rare and highly effective therapy that has helped me and my family. I highly recommend that you experience his work. You will be greatly pleased by the improvements in your health, including ones that you didn't even imagine were possible.
Pat Nugent
Every now and then in life I have the great fortune to meet and work with some one who changes my life. Michael Hahn is one of these people. His work and understanding of mind-body integration and his caring touch have made me healthier and more balanced in mind and body. Because of Michael's work I am more grounded and able to live life more connected to my own spirit than before.
Tammy Cullen N.D.
Michael's cranial sacral work is confident and accurate. He knows intuitively how to find the troubled spots and how to release them appropriately. The work is relaxing, yet therapeutic, and you reach a new goal with each session.
Michael is an amazing practitioner. I am impressed with his ability to detect where the core problems lie in the body and the ease in which he guides the body back into alignment. His craniosacral work is very gentle yet powerful at the same time. I recommend him to anyone looking to increase the quality of their state of being.
Anelody T.
Michael is knowledgable and intuitive Michael is a talented, intuitive and compassionate practitioner. When I have a session from Michael, I feel less pain and more balanced in my body. Hi gentle way of assessing and treating helps bring ease and better movement to my whole system. I leave feeling spacious, structurally balanced and grounded.
Tammye R
New Review I highly recommend Michael! When I first came to see him I had chest pain, knee pain, wrist pain, ear pain and was hard of hearing. After two sessions with Michael I feel relief in every area with little or no pain left and my hearing has improved. Mentally, I feel much more clear and experience more self-confidence and strength. I feel balanced and energized!
Aimee Bullock
Healing TMJ issues. I came to Michael for my TMJ pain. Within just a few sessions I experienced a great deal of relief from the muscle strain in my neck, jaw and shoulders. Michael's gentle cranialsacral and visceral manipulation adjustments continue to improve my over all health at each visit with little or no discomfort in the process.
J. Medaska
Working with Michael afforded me great improvement with the stability of my lower back. My back was so fragile that merely rounding a corner in my car quickly could throw it out of alignment. After a few Hellerwork sessions with Michael, I noticed a strength returning. It appeared to me that he had loosened up old holding patterns and helped to reorganize my body. It has been several months since my last treatment and the work he did is still having a positive affect on me. I found Michael to have quite unusual powers of observation and a gifted understanding of the workings of the human body and energy system. He is a thoughtful listener with a good sense of humor and I learned a lot about myself in the process of working with him.
M. Magwire
Healing chronic pain. Weekly cranial sacral therapy sessions over several months have given me greater flexibility, less pain, and an enhanced awareness of my physical self and the relationship to my psychological and spiritual work. Michael is very successful with his diagnosis and treatment methods, and has been able to help my body heal subtle yet critical and often old "stuck" energy and problems. I highly recommend Michael for anyone considering bodywork.
Kathie Werner
I just finished nearly three years of adult orthodontia to correct a bite problem. The braces felt like they were continually prodding my jaw and neck and shoulders into a new and uncomfortable position. But after each monthly braces adjustment, I saw Michael. His gentle touch, cranial sacral work, and whole person approach to body work kept me aligned and sane throughout the process. I continue to see him regularly to stay on track.